Blackjack Strategy 101: Single Deck Vs Multi-Deck

There are subtle differences between a single deck game and a multiple deck game. Our how-to guide explains some of the key ones.

In 2018 it is possible to play classic blackjack with up to 8 decks or a single deck blackjack variant with only 52 cards.

By giving players the choice between single-deck and multi-deck online blackjack, which one should they choose, and which games offer the best chance of winning?

Over time, casinos have begun to include more and more decks. The automatic shufflers kept the cards random and made it more difficult for the card counters to figure out what was about to come out.

Having so many decks in your shoe also results in a slightly higher house edge. Players would be more likely to pop (going over 21 with their hand) and lose more in the long run.

The rules of single and multiple deck blackjack are actually the same: players are dealt two cards each, with the dealer taking one face down and one face up.

Different strategies when playing single deck and multi-deck

The main differences in gambling on single and multiple deck blackjack are in knowing what to play, when.

Above all, you need to know when to hit, stand or double.

In both games, it is optimal to split 2-2 and 3-3 if the dealer shows 2-7 face up.

In the single deck you can also split 6-6 if the dealer shows 7 and they have to hit on a soft 17 (a 17 containing an ace that counts as 1 or 11).


Double down is a type of bet in which players proceed to double their stake and only receive one more additional card.

There are only a couple of doubling up moves when playing single deck blackjack.

Double down on 11 in one deck is a more advantageous move

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